Daily Prompt #9

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Daily writing prompt
Do you practice religion?

No, not really. My family is not religious, so innately nor am I. However, I am an avid practitioner of nature worship, and I believe that being harmonious with nature is the best way to self-actualization/ realization. It is scientifically proven that spending time in nature is beneficial for our health and well-being. Therefore, I choose to honor the many gifts of nature on a daily basis. Through my practice, I’ve found that this gives me a sense of peace and connection with something greater than myself – something I simply cannot explain but feel deeply. Nature has so much wisdom to offer us, if we just take the opportunity to listen.

Listen to the trees speak in whispers with voices carried by the wind. Listen to the animals converse in the tongue of the earth. Taste the millenniums old air, filtered by ancient breeds of flora and fauna.

nazar amulets on tree branches near stony formations in cappadocia
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels.com

To me, the most important aspect of life is the land we walk on, the air we breathe, and the animals we cohabitate with. I take time every day to walk in nature and appreciate the beauty all around me. Through this, I work to understand how our actions affect the environment. We depend on nature for so much, and it is important we do what we can to protect it. I stand in solidarity with those committed to preserving the Earth and its creatures.

I’m an advocate for sustainable living that reduces our individual ecological footprints. We can all make small changes in our everyday lives that contribute to a greener future: reducing waste, recycling properly, using renewable energy sources, and conserving water are just some of the ways we can help. I also believe it is important to support organizations dedicated to environmental justice and conservation efforts around the world.

It is my belief that by making these changes, spending time in nature and cultivating curiosity about the world around me is exactly what I feel is proper worship.

However, I firmly believe that we are entitled to practice whatever we want and believe in whatever we feel is our personal deities. Practicing faith, worship, religion, or spirituality is unique to each individual and should not be demonized, chastised, or ostracized for their choice in beliefs.

a woman in black spaghetti strap dress posing at the camera
Photo by Marik Voitsekh on Pexels.com

I accept all people from all faiths and practices. I accept humanity in general. I have no judgement regarding faith or religious practices. I like to say:

I love people. Period.

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