Daily Prompt #8

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Daily writing prompt
Do you remember life before the internet?

Are you referring to the life prior to mindless droning in a darkened summer room – binging Naruto via dial-up? Oh, yes. I remember.

I remember the times before personal computers became popular. I remember what it was like before getting our first Gateway PC and how the box was covered in cow spots.

We played in the mud, built dead-wood-lean-tos, towering teepees with awe-inspiring interiors filled with the imagination of four children creating rooms with stone borders, weapons of pointed sticks, bows out of reversed, fresh saplings, and horses made of sticks and string.

We spent hours in our little haven in the woods – not yet tainted by the mechanisms and mentality of man. We created characters with varying personalities and waged wars over shared territory. It was as if we had created worlds within worlds before virtual places and spaces ever existed.

It was a different world, honestly. A world where the strongest muscle was the mind, and imagination became the fuel for our mental machine.

Once the personal computer caught on, and every household began buying them, it nearly dissolved our little world. We became engrossed in the new technology and once videogames became popular, there were no holds barred. I remember forgoing days in the woods to sit down and play Zoombinis on the PC or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Technology took what imagination I had and expanded it. It gave me the opportunity to experience things that I had never even fathomed. The ability to hop into any virtual world with thousands of other players amazed me to the core.

While my time outside diminished, my interest in video games grew. They became my safe-haven, and often my home away from home. I learned so much about the world and certain topics because of video games.

Not to mention the internet. The internet was probably one of the most important inventions of my time. Even though it was invented before my time, it became popular during my childhood and changed the world forever.

While I do remember a time before the internet, I can honestly say that I prefer our digital world. I just wish there was a way to truly disconnect and feel what the real world feels like again.

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3 responses to “Daily Prompt #8”

  1. I like that. Yours isn’t negative. You said your truth and acknowledged the good and bad of both.

    I never really enjoy my life before going on the internet. I didn’t have really a fun time. I, of course, was born when computers existed, but life wasn’t great. When I was younger, I played with my sisters but when I started actually going to school, it was peer neglect. The internet gave me safe spaces. Safe spaces that bullied me to, but it was still better than not being played with just because. No reason why.

    1. I am sorry to hear that bullying persisted throughout both the physical and online spaces. I think that was one of the major downfalls of the invent of the internet. Being able to hide behind a username hasn’t necessarily been the greatest invention of humankind, but it also has given many the anonymity that they desperately needed. With anonymity comes misunderstanding and the ability to say whatever you want without being identified and called out. The internet gave bullies a new way to act and not necessarily in a good way. Fortunately, it has also given us true safe spaces, and places to meet like minded people going through similar plights. This was one of the things I deeply appreciated about the internet becasue I live in a really small town with few people per square mile. Having access to online games gave me the ability to interact with people in ways that I otherwise could not have, normally. Then there was the ability to go to school online, and that was cool for a while.

      Peer neglect is atrocious. We are all going through similar things in high school and to have a peer negate the severity of what you are experiencing is super crappy of them. That is why I loved college. It proves that maturity matters.

      How are you doing now? Have you been able to find a place for you to freely express yourself? I sure do hope so! 🙂

      1. I’m on here and it’s honestly one of the best parts of social media. I struggle a bit in person still, but that’s because I can’t drive myself and rely on other people. I can’t hang out with others like I want to and my family that can drive are homebodies that are mildly agoraphobics.

        I struggle expressing myself in general but I’m doing so much better.😩 It’s nice having actual spaces of comfort.

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