Daily Prompt #6

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Daily writing prompt
Who would you like to talk to soon?

It isn’t just me, right? Maybe this is a common blight among at-home workers and freelancers, but I would like to believe that having conversations with oneself are just as beneficial as having them with others.

That isn’t what the prompt asked though, it asked if there was someone that I’d like to talk to soon. Truth is, there are many people that I would like to talk to, and fortunately, all of them are alive. Carpe Diem, speak to those that you want to speak to now not later. Don’t wait for them to be in dire-straights before reaching out. Just do it.

I seriously regret the amount of times that I didn’t reach out to someone when I wanted to and then for one reason or another I lose them as a friend and never get to reconnect with them.

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If I could talk to anyone, I would talk to them. The friends I lost. To show them that I am more mature than I was and able to maintain a legitimate friendship. I am also not overshadowed by other’s opinions and convictions like I was when I was in a relationship.

I would kill to go back and re-friend those that were lost during that time. If only they knew I wasn’t that way on purpose. That is the nature of life, though. To make mistakes and try not to make them again.

It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends, especially after those immature conflicts of days gone by. Life is too short to stay angry and not share the fun memories that we have all created together.

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  1. This is so true!

  2. I like that pose 🤣

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