Daily Prompt #4

Daily writing prompt
Do you have any collections?
facade of an antique shop
Photo by Osman Özümüt on Pexels.com

Sure do! If you count blankets, pillows, bags, and oddities. With Asperger’s Autism, I am prone to certain fixations. While fixations are not necessarily the reason for collecting, it does account for a majority of the collections that I have.

With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), there are often certain textures that Aspies prefer. For example, when a person with ASD is maturing in life, they often find certain textures and clothing to be particularly satisfying. This can range from anything from soft fabrics to a variety of textures – like cords, velvets, and knits; to incredibly displeasing textures like lace, wool, and rough cotton.

Thus, my obsession with blankets and soft clothes emerged. Within the wailing walls of my wardrobe, massive collections of blankets and hoodies threaten to push the doors wide.

Aside from clothing, there is another interesting collection that I try to curate with the “something old, something new” mentality so that there isn’t a massive accumulation of strangeties and oddments overtaking my home.

my collection of desk fun

Keeping a collection of oddments and strange things is actually my low-key way of getting outside in nature and exploring the nooks and crannies of the world finding its tiny treasures. My strangest piece is most likely the Muskrat jawbone that I got for Christmas, or possibly the rabbit pelt that my friend dried themself!

Having a few pieces that you appreciate is different from having a garage full of items that you never take the time to enjoy. You want your collection to be an expression of who you are, not something that just keeps growing and weighs down on you. Collecting is okay, so long as it is controlled in a way that doesn’t land you a show on TLC.

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