Daily Prompt #2

Have you ever broken a bone?

I have, but not as many as one might believe given my history. In fact, I have broken fewer bones than the average human being has within their ear canal.

  • Collarbone
  • Thumb

Even the thumb was a growth plate fracture…

However, ask me the number of infections I have had and that list extends into the hundreds. The joys of autoimmune disorders. Yippee.

I mean at this point, probably…

The truth is, I am hyper-mobile, double jointed, or just straight up – incredibly flexible. Even at 30, I can still put both feet behind my head comfortably. Despite being a part-time wheelchair user (when I am not wearing my leg braces) – my flexibility remains. Honestly, it´s kind of become a cool party trick more than anything, because believe it or not, hyper mobility is actually a detriment in some strength sports.

Imagine taking a thick log, and instead of hewing it into a pliable form, it is immediately used for a canoe. It will not work. It is far too inflexible. Force it, and it will snap.

The human body is the same. If an arm, leg or other body part is extended, flexed, or otherwise moved into a place that is beyond its range of motion… snap.

However, this applies to over flexibility as well. Human joints are only meant to move within a specific range. Hence the term “range-of-motion”. If that range is exceeded – this is where injury occurs.

For someone that is lifting and is incredibly flexible, the new challenge of learning to control that flexibility is added. My orthopedic doctor once described my mobility as taking a snake, and standing it upright in a boot. In his words, “you’re all over the damn place”.


but correct.

The short answer to this prompt is: only two bones officially. It is difficult to break bones, tear muscles tendons, or ligaments when my flexibility is that of an infant.

…don’t get any ideas now… 😉

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